This is a light designer lounge chair, which can easily be moved from one space to another. Its structure is made of aluminium profiles and teak wood on the armrest. Customize it to your liking by choosing from our powder-coated colour options and our wide variety of upholstery textiles. Although the lounge chair is made entirely of aluminium.

W180 x D84 x H76 cm (Two-seater sofa)
W60 x D94 x H81 cm (Lounge chair)
W180 x D177 x H76 cm (Composition 1 & 4)
W260 x D84 x H76 cm (Composition 2 & 3)
W255 x D84 x H76 cm (Composition 5)
W345 x D177 x H76 cm (Composition 6)
W350 x D177 x H76 cm (Composition 7)
W350 x D261 x H76 cm (Composition 8)


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