Foam rubber polyurethane with filling visco-elastic covered with waterproof fabric.
Removable fabric cover. Textured thermo-lacquered iron rod. Textured aluminium
thermo-lacquered table.

Structure available in white or red. And fabric could be chosen in white/red/grey/anthracite/blue/mustard/sand/bronze plain or red/mustard/violet blue/optical blue/capri blue/ocean blue/lima green/mint green urban fabric.

W70 x D90 x H80 cm (Club chair)
W70 x D90 x H70 cm (armchair)
W140 x D90 x H70 cm (sofa)
W60 x D55 x H24 cm (table)


Price for club chair: €765
Price for armchair: €700
Price for sofa: €1,005
Price for table: €460