It’s impossible not to imagine this sofa in a room – it is fun, robust & cozy.

Besides being appealing to the eye, this sofa is so comfortable once you try it, you won’t want another thing – it truly seams you are in a fuzzy cloud. The smart mechanism of each of its modules, allows you to move the back back and forth which makes it extremely functional.

It can be used in a waiting area or when you need to catch up on some reading, to relax while watching a movie or enjoying a nap without the need for a chaise long or ottoman.  The basic module is 1×1 so you are allowed any configuration your mind can imagine.


Available in a large range of finishes & in COM.


107W x 107D x 38H                         Basic module

107W x 107/122D x 73H                   Back module

120W x 107/122D x 73H               Corner module

135W x 107/122D x 73H                         Armchair



Price starting for 2-seater sofa (240w):                 €3,410

Price starting for open-end 2-seater sofa:             €3,185

Price starting for L shaped 2-seater sofa:              €4,400

Price starting for 3-seater sofa (350w):                  €4,890


Please, for any other combination contact us for pricing.