Nobel is available in matt lacquers, oak matt lacquers, fashion wood or high gloss lacquers. The open compartments can be chosen in a different finish from the body.

W192,5 x D52,7 x H52,4 cm
W224,5 x D52,7 x H52,4 cm
W256,5 x D52,7 x H52,4 cm
Additionally, you can find some different tv unit configurations of drawers, large drawers, doors, flap & open compartments making it sure that you find the right product for your needs.
Price range for 192,5W: €770 – €2,015
Price range for 224,5W: €1,035 – €2,575
Price range for 256,5W: €1,180 – €3,340
In the highest prices include the additional features as full extraction of drawers, LED lighting system, wireway or open compartment finish.