A twisted pod base table, it is available in both circular, oval & rectangular configurations in multiple sizes. With one or two sets of legs.

Tops available in 3 tempered glass, 4 timber & 3 porcelain stone finishes.

The steel legs are available in matt white, matt black, stone bronze & mud finishes.

There is also a combination finish where the 3 intertwined legs each have a different finish.

The legs can also be ordered in any RAL finish.


W120 x H75 cm (Small round)

W140 x H75 cm (Medium round)

W160 x H75 cm (Large round)

W200 x D105 x H75 cm (Elliptical)

W250 x D106 x H75 cm (Small rectangular)

W240 x D120 x H75 cm (Medium rectangular)

W260 x D120 x H75 cm (Large ovoid)

W300 x D120 x H75 cm (Extra-large rectangular/ovoid)


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